1st quarter

Wowzers. I can't seem to find the time to write. at all. Ramsey is still eating pretty much every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. He is almost 4 months and it seems he should be going 6-8 hours now. maybe i'm an enabler? :D maybe i just want to feed so he'll pass out and i can go back to snoozing. Cecily made that transition on her own. one night she just didn't wake up to eat and it was so nice. i think i'm going to have to break this habit of his. He doesn't NEED this bottle. So there's that. Also, on the horizon is potty training C. We decided to wait to train her b/c everyone said she would regress after the baby was born. Then we waited some so we could get our life to a new normal. Then people kept saying wait til summer so it's easier when she's in dresses all the time. Well, I kinda feel we just need to do it. I would really like to stay home one weekend and put her in panties and let the accidents happen. I don't think she would like pee running down her legs or poop in her panties. So send some good thoughts and prayers our way on those two fronts. Ramsey sleeping longer stretches at night and C learning to potty in the toilets.


February = SNOKLAHOMA!!!!

Wow it's been crazy here middle of north america. SNOOOKLAHOMA!!! it's been fun though having my family with me. all snowed in is fun, but i need to get out! and i did. with such a great husband its not too hard. It's been better on the home front with Ram man. He's loving being on formula. Much happier baby, means a much happier family! he's still on his reflux Rx.

I need a lesson on how to a bomb ass blogger. I need to know how to post the pics in the order i want and such. i know there is a class for it. I have a friend who took it! now it's time for pics!

the last is from the ice storm in 07. that's our lincoln. under a tarp, sort of, under a ton of frozen branches!

the next one is dr. wilks with Ramsey the week after he was born. :D

Cecily lounging in Ramseys bouncer. I think we need to have adult ones! look how cozy she looks!

mom and daughter roaring competition.

C lovin the photobooth.

sorry it's backwards. :D



this is pretty much what c wanted to do all day long the first 2 weeks. Ramsey is 4 weeks now and she is a little less interested in him than the first few days.

she loves him. LOVES him. and she is a really great big sis.

the first 4 weeks have been really challenging to say the least. have been to the doctor at least once a week. the er for me once. for ramsey once. ben went to the walk in clinic. and we are going back to the doctor today for me, c, and ram man. i have been fighting something off for a few weeks and it's finally catching up. i believe its a combo of being sleep deprived and full of stress. and it's that time of year where it seems everyone you know has been sickly. bleh. my fever broke last night. woke up to being soaking wet from sweat. i feel better today already and i'm thankful for that. c is going to get checked out b/c her nose is super runny and it's no longer clear. Ramsey has a cough i'm worried about. i think he got it from me. :( my cough has made me almost vomit a few times, getting choked up and can't stop.

Here are some things for my friends who are pregnant!
The Miracle Blanket! it's like a straight jacket for babies and it works well! Ramsey did the best last night and slept the longest in it.
The Happiest Baby on the Block! We rented this from the library. It's a dvd and a book. Watch it! It has REALLY helped calm Ramsey and get him to sleep. he has reflux and he is pain a lot b/c of it. Zantac has helped but he still screams. :( No need to buy it, it's only 30 minutes long and the library should have it! check it out! The miracle blanket is expensive however. almost 38 dollars! but it's worth the 5 hours of sleep Rams got with it. :D

The pics are of C holding Rams. you can see how happy she is! she loves to hold him and says when she is finished! it's pretty cute. The second picture is c on our step stool that she turned into her desk. She says she is watching funny videos on her computer. The last is Ben and his mini me. i love baby and daddy pics.



This is my family. Minus Bentley and Beemer, but you get the picture. :D

Sunday evening about 8 I started to feel contractions, or at least what i thought could be contractions. I called my mom and said she may need to pack her bag. Called our doula, Karen, and said we would probably head to the hospital when my mom arrived. She said to call her once i got checked in and they checked my cervix.

I took a shower and once in there, i realized i was really in labor! I told ben to get serious, that we would be needing to leave soon. (He had been sick the previous 24 hours and was not up to par at all!) my mom got lost. my cousin thankfully was already on her way over, i called her so we could leave asap. i was really feeling the pain! about 10 or 10:30 we left the house. After we got checked in and I got checked, the nurse said i was dilated to a SEVEN, fully efaced and a bulging bag. WHAT!? WHOA. Our doula, Karen, said "Oh, Lord. I'll be right there!" and she was. Labor was hard. Not going to lie, but going as natural as possible was our goal and we did! I'm not sure what time it was when i felt the need to push, but my body said DO THIS! and everyone in the room said DON'T! actually someone said breathe through it, and that someone (sorry karen) about got the stink eye. The doctor had been called, twice, i believe, and we were waiting on my pushing on her arriving. At midnight she arrived and we got to push and at 12:15 am on Dec 27th Ramsey Wayne Sellers entered our world. What a miracle. Can you believe we grow little people inside our bodies? It blows my mind thinking about it. Ramsey weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz. 20 inches long. Lots of hair. Super cute already. Some babies are alieny but he is handsome from the get go. Anyway, this is my family.



has come and GONE, again. it's a horrible feeling and i hate it. especially when i kept hearing on your second pregnancy you typically have the baby earlier. EEEERRRRR. wrong. i went to the dr. today. my last apt. when i see her again it'll be in labor and delivery. :D so that is a nice feeling. i just don't want to be induced. next tuesday is the last day she will let me be pregnant though. so we'll see.

i was in a really pissy mood today too. and i didn't like it that C only napped for about 40 minutes. i was planning on taking C to the doctor alone, but i called in ben to help me out. i was afraid i would go berserk my myself.

also, i'm tired of people telling me when a good time for them is for me to have this baby. I DON'T CARE. i'm sorry i'm having baby boy at the busiest time of year. get over it. joking or not, i'm don't want to hear it anymore. so stop it.

also, i'm quitting calling anyone until i go into labor. tired of everyone asking if i'm at the hospital and me saying no. over and over.

another thing, i have not "nested". i'm SO lazy. i can barely bend over. i have major pain in my hips and ass. (sciatic nerve) and i have a hard time picking up toys off the living room floor. or the dishes after dinner. so, there is no nesting going on here. it didn't happen with C either so i'm starting to think something is wrong with me. :D but i already knew that.

PS i wish Elf was doing the SNL Christmas special.


Feliz Navidad

One of my all time fave holiday pics happened tonight. we are so cute.
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