1st quarter

Wowzers. I can't seem to find the time to write. at all. Ramsey is still eating pretty much every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. He is almost 4 months and it seems he should be going 6-8 hours now. maybe i'm an enabler? :D maybe i just want to feed so he'll pass out and i can go back to snoozing. Cecily made that transition on her own. one night she just didn't wake up to eat and it was so nice. i think i'm going to have to break this habit of his. He doesn't NEED this bottle. So there's that. Also, on the horizon is potty training C. We decided to wait to train her b/c everyone said she would regress after the baby was born. Then we waited some so we could get our life to a new normal. Then people kept saying wait til summer so it's easier when she's in dresses all the time. Well, I kinda feel we just need to do it. I would really like to stay home one weekend and put her in panties and let the accidents happen. I don't think she would like pee running down her legs or poop in her panties. So send some good thoughts and prayers our way on those two fronts. Ramsey sleeping longer stretches at night and C learning to potty in the toilets.

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