has come and GONE, again. it's a horrible feeling and i hate it. especially when i kept hearing on your second pregnancy you typically have the baby earlier. EEEERRRRR. wrong. i went to the dr. today. my last apt. when i see her again it'll be in labor and delivery. :D so that is a nice feeling. i just don't want to be induced. next tuesday is the last day she will let me be pregnant though. so we'll see.

i was in a really pissy mood today too. and i didn't like it that C only napped for about 40 minutes. i was planning on taking C to the doctor alone, but i called in ben to help me out. i was afraid i would go berserk my myself.

also, i'm tired of people telling me when a good time for them is for me to have this baby. I DON'T CARE. i'm sorry i'm having baby boy at the busiest time of year. get over it. joking or not, i'm don't want to hear it anymore. so stop it.

also, i'm quitting calling anyone until i go into labor. tired of everyone asking if i'm at the hospital and me saying no. over and over.

another thing, i have not "nested". i'm SO lazy. i can barely bend over. i have major pain in my hips and ass. (sciatic nerve) and i have a hard time picking up toys off the living room floor. or the dishes after dinner. so, there is no nesting going on here. it didn't happen with C either so i'm starting to think something is wrong with me. :D but i already knew that.

PS i wish Elf was doing the SNL Christmas special.

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lisa roo said...

ohhh hun, sorry! i felt the exact same way!