This is my family. Minus Bentley and Beemer, but you get the picture. :D

Sunday evening about 8 I started to feel contractions, or at least what i thought could be contractions. I called my mom and said she may need to pack her bag. Called our doula, Karen, and said we would probably head to the hospital when my mom arrived. She said to call her once i got checked in and they checked my cervix.

I took a shower and once in there, i realized i was really in labor! I told ben to get serious, that we would be needing to leave soon. (He had been sick the previous 24 hours and was not up to par at all!) my mom got lost. my cousin thankfully was already on her way over, i called her so we could leave asap. i was really feeling the pain! about 10 or 10:30 we left the house. After we got checked in and I got checked, the nurse said i was dilated to a SEVEN, fully efaced and a bulging bag. WHAT!? WHOA. Our doula, Karen, said "Oh, Lord. I'll be right there!" and she was. Labor was hard. Not going to lie, but going as natural as possible was our goal and we did! I'm not sure what time it was when i felt the need to push, but my body said DO THIS! and everyone in the room said DON'T! actually someone said breathe through it, and that someone (sorry karen) about got the stink eye. The doctor had been called, twice, i believe, and we were waiting on my pushing on her arriving. At midnight she arrived and we got to push and at 12:15 am on Dec 27th Ramsey Wayne Sellers entered our world. What a miracle. Can you believe we grow little people inside our bodies? It blows my mind thinking about it. Ramsey weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz. 20 inches long. Lots of hair. Super cute already. Some babies are alieny but he is handsome from the get go. Anyway, this is my family.

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Angee said...

beautiful! can't wait to meet him.