February = SNOKLAHOMA!!!!

Wow it's been crazy here middle of north america. SNOOOKLAHOMA!!! it's been fun though having my family with me. all snowed in is fun, but i need to get out! and i did. with such a great husband its not too hard. It's been better on the home front with Ram man. He's loving being on formula. Much happier baby, means a much happier family! he's still on his reflux Rx.

I need a lesson on how to a bomb ass blogger. I need to know how to post the pics in the order i want and such. i know there is a class for it. I have a friend who took it! now it's time for pics!

the last is from the ice storm in 07. that's our lincoln. under a tarp, sort of, under a ton of frozen branches!

the next one is dr. wilks with Ramsey the week after he was born. :D

Cecily lounging in Ramseys bouncer. I think we need to have adult ones! look how cozy she looks!

mom and daughter roaring competition.

C lovin the photobooth.

sorry it's backwards. :D

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Amanda said...

Great pictures. Upload the pictures in the OPPOSITE order you want them to appear. So that means if you want a picture to show up first, upload it last. I hope that helps.