this is pretty much what c wanted to do all day long the first 2 weeks. Ramsey is 4 weeks now and she is a little less interested in him than the first few days.

she loves him. LOVES him. and she is a really great big sis.

the first 4 weeks have been really challenging to say the least. have been to the doctor at least once a week. the er for me once. for ramsey once. ben went to the walk in clinic. and we are going back to the doctor today for me, c, and ram man. i have been fighting something off for a few weeks and it's finally catching up. i believe its a combo of being sleep deprived and full of stress. and it's that time of year where it seems everyone you know has been sickly. bleh. my fever broke last night. woke up to being soaking wet from sweat. i feel better today already and i'm thankful for that. c is going to get checked out b/c her nose is super runny and it's no longer clear. Ramsey has a cough i'm worried about. i think he got it from me. :( my cough has made me almost vomit a few times, getting choked up and can't stop.

Here are some things for my friends who are pregnant!
The Miracle Blanket! it's like a straight jacket for babies and it works well! Ramsey did the best last night and slept the longest in it.
The Happiest Baby on the Block! We rented this from the library. It's a dvd and a book. Watch it! It has REALLY helped calm Ramsey and get him to sleep. he has reflux and he is pain a lot b/c of it. Zantac has helped but he still screams. :( No need to buy it, it's only 30 minutes long and the library should have it! check it out! The miracle blanket is expensive however. almost 38 dollars! but it's worth the 5 hours of sleep Rams got with it. :D

The pics are of C holding Rams. you can see how happy she is! she loves to hold him and says when she is finished! it's pretty cute. The second picture is c on our step stool that she turned into her desk. She says she is watching funny videos on her computer. The last is Ben and his mini me. i love baby and daddy pics.


Amanda said...

Oh man I hope you guys all get better soon. You have some pretty children. Don't you love muslin blankets?

lisa roo said...

I got that book when H was about 3 months old. It was great! I was amazed at how many I was already doing instinctively too :)

Hope you all get better soon...