New printer!

I purchased an Epson Artisan 710 today. and i'm super pumped!

Things i want to do.
Print tons of pics and hand them out. Frame them. I hardly have any of C up in the house and it's b/c i'm too cheap to print tons of pics, so i just buy the printer! haha.

I am currently researching how to draw, scan and cut a shape with a machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette. So if you know of a better way than this please let me know! i'm definately learning as i go and i need major help. so HALP! (and yes i meant to use the a in help.) oh, i just thought of this. i wonder if i need some kind of program where i draw, scan and save it on my computer? shoot. something else to check out.

also, i plan on using the printer to print invites for all the parties i want to have. and all the party things i want to have at the parties. :) makes sense huh. I just think, i'll have two kids soon and i would like to have really great things for their parties for years to come. i can do it!

CHRISTMAS CARDS! i spend a fortune on printing cards every year. i send out so many and sometimes i get caught without any left so i can't send to people whom i forgot or didn't expect a card from! this is gonna be great.

I may have a lot of aspirations for my printer but i feel it will hold up to it's dream for me. Wish me luck on making great things!

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