it's gone.

I lost my camera. at least for now and i'm pissed. i had it tuesday morning taking pics of C for school and i had it at the salon showing people the pics of C. now ben needs it for his part time gig (appraising houses) and i have no idea where it has gone. :( i'm pretty sure no one would steal it. it's janky. held together by one of C's pony tail holders. :) also i'm in the market to get an all in one printer. My brother talked me into an Epson. I've been doing some research and i think i will end up getting the Epson Artisan 710. It's wireless which i love. it has two trays for different papers which i find convenient. the reviews are great. i can do all my invites and cards on it. and i can print directly to the cd/dvd which i think is awesome. my next thing i want to get is something that i can cut fabric with. i need it for my applique' stuff. so if you know of any let me know!

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