March is another good month for me. It's my bday month. I'll be 31. 31. i filled out a form for my facial this week at the salon and i realized i will have to check the 31-40 age box in a few short days. sheesh. just last year we had a big party at our old house and c was just a wee thing. i yelled at my dad for getting her out of bed and i my best friend gave me a really big beer. things have changed! lately things have been good. but i think life is good in general. still working towards paying off school loans and we were just informed by our credit card company that they will in fact be charging us interest now. too bad they won't hold up their end of our contract. so that stinks. c and i got sick this week. basically after she got good enough to go play we got the bug. she pulled through in about 12 hours i was more around 36 hours. lots of pooping in this house during that time. never vomited but never could vomit. it think it would have been better if i could have. feeling like i'm going to all day is not cool. also being dehydrated is really bad for your lips and skin. my lips are so chapped now and keep peeling. bleh.

the weather is good here. today is was high 50's low 60's i think and not too windy. we took a walk to the post office and it about killed me. all i've eaten are some crackers and a few bites of a sandwich today. i need to gain some strength back. quickly so i can keep up with C!

she actually tried to climb the wall the other day. for real. she tried to stand on the base board. it was pretty cute.

so i just found out my storage quota for my pics has exceeded it's limit so no pics until i can erase some of my albums from picasa. this pisses me off. a lot.

ps. our new esthetician is amazing! call salon W to have wonderful shaped brows and amazing facials. 608-0692


Aislinn and Dustin said...

i love reading about your life. makes me feel like i'm a part of it. :) love your guts. xx

Angee said...

Hey girly! I love your blog! I'm so glad you're coming to Austin with us!!! Check out my blog too!
See ya soon!