what the heck?

one of the main reason for my no blogging is that my picasa web albums ran out of storage and i don't want to pay a yearly fee to keep old photos online. so this week i went through those old web albums and deleted almost all of them to make some space. i mean, i have all the photos on my computer(s) and i never went online to check them anymore. well, after i did that i tried uploading pics for the blog and it still said i needed to upgrade my storage! WTF!? so i'm wondering and contemplating if it's worth switching to wordpress. i don't know much about it and need to do some research but i imagine it's along the same premise.

the reason for my lack in blogging? i'm not sure. i really do enjoy it i just find it hard to find a good time to do so. and i need to see if there is a better way to it. an easier way. so to all my blogging friends what is your method? how do you upload photos,i know how i do it and i feel like there may be an easier way! when do you find the time to do it? and do you ever blog from your phones? i feel like i could do a lot with my phone. one of my friends, amanda, just took a class just about blogging, maybe i should i do that! :) also what about editing your photos? and how where do you place the pics in your blog? on the left, right, center? i need to start practicing!!


adwsellers said...

it worked! my pic posted!

You Can't Spell Practical Without Traci said...

Yay, glad your pic posted! I use blogger and I really like it. My blog is getting a revamp too!

Angee said...

well, i use wordpress... and i really like it. Misti uses it too. on wp, it's best to upload the photos and keep them in the center. it seems like when i would try putting them on the left or right the text would do all sorts of crazy things. maybe one day when c is school you can come over and i'll show you what i know.