Mothers Day Out ROCKS.

This week C started Mothers day out. Twice a week. It's awesome. Of course I was nervous the first day. Our mornings are different now. I have to set my alarm. I really dislike alarms. I have to get C's bag ready the night before. I have to think about what to pack for her for lunch. What she'll wear, i give that some serious thought. :) Wrangling her to brush her teeth and slap on some socks and shoes is a mini workout. She eats for an hour at breakfast! so i have to find my outfit for the day, go get dressed, and manage to put on makeup and i make sure she's eating and not joking. oh and try to do something to my hair besides put it in a ponytail. It's a good balance. This week has been great also b/c I started hanging out at the salon again. Doing my thing. Answering phones, making appointments, talking with our amazing clients, whom i call friends now. Lets not forget about all the towel folding. all day long we fold towels. :) I feel awesome. I love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes. I GET BORED. I get in a slump, don't leave the house. Some of that is due to the crazy Snowklahoma winter we've had, but still. some days, not all, are boring. crap, now i feel bad for saying it. Oh, well. I have always said i will be honest about motherhood. from my pov. I'm also calling MDO school. When I talk to C about school and seeing her friends she claps. This is a great week.


Michael said...

We call Kate's two-day-a-week child care "school" too. We felt guilty for approximately 52.5 hours, until we realized how very, very much she loved it. Since C's in the same school-loving canoe...go with it. Have fun and enjoy those days; it will make you a better parent (in my personal, non-scholarly opinion of course).

Aislinn and Dustin said...

yeah for school! we call it school too and you needed to get out and get back to the salon! it feels good, doesn't it! you can only do so much quilting, knitting and baking before a woman goes crazy, right? xxxx