Paying off Sh!t.

I love it when we pay something off. We will be paying off one of B's school loans next week and i'm getting really pumped. To me it means another step closer, to freedom. after c was born we decided to downsize and move back closer to our families. it was a tough decision but now i know it was the right one. the whole time i was pregnant EVERYONE said, "when will you get a newer bigger home?" i guess they thought since we where going to have a baby we need more room to grow. we showed them! all we needed was a basement and a storage unit. :P our home is around 200 feet less space than our previous home. it's all storage too. we have one room now for our office/craft/bens closet. :) it works. we need to install some shelves and we really need to have a garage sale to get rid of a ton of stuff! Sorry this post is so boring, but it feels so good.

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