i got an estimate today from someone who i wanted to scrape the floors in the kitchen and part of the hallway to prep them for installing our kitchen floors and redoing the wood floors. there's not much there. it's small home, about 1000 sqf. and a lot of it it done already b/c we've done it. it is hard work but when he told me between $400 and $600 dollars i almost laughed in his face via telephone. i understand if he doesn't want to do it, but i think i would rather him say it's not worth it to me, i think you should find someone else for this job. oh well. looks like i know how my weekend will be spent! one good thing this week is that the tile guys finished the bathroom and it looks great! i'm really happy with the grout we chose and the tile looks so pretty in our tiny bathroom. i know for sure that we'll have to hold another garage sale once we get moved in. i don't want to pay for a storage space and we have about zero storage. we are officially downsizing! down, down, down!

on another note, last night was our first night at my moms. not bad! but i did get to leave the house and enjoy an amazing meal with some of my favorite girlies! Sid is in town, nic was off yesterday and jamie met us after she got off work. it was an amazing meal. the wine was awesome, the appetizer they sent out was beautiful and delicious. jamie had to order her favorite appetizer, i'm glad she did b/c it was also amazing. i like things stuffed in puff pastry! sid ordered the tuna, it was perfect, i got one of the specials and jamie and nic shared one of the other specials. it was a perfect night. just what i needed to recharge and feel better. i was really in the dumps yesterday but today is different. it's been nice expect for the phone call that woke up C from her nap. :)

today we are planning on a play date with Stella and Jen in a big blow up pool thing. it has a slide but i doubt if C gets to really enjoy that! :)

when i find all my cords and chargers and things i'll upload some pics! wihoo!

ps, the bed we are sleeping in is a full. the bed we slept in at ben's parents was a king. ha! and this one is really squeaky too, anytime you roll or change postitions - SQUEAK!

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meleiarw said...

well it sounds like you have been having loads of fun without me - I see how it is!

I hope you still think about coming to lunch on Wednesday!