i feel like one anyway. we have stayed at my grandmothers for a few nights. now we have been at my inlaws for a few nights, and tonight we start staying with my mom. where we will stay until the house is finished. bleh. i hate living in boxes and suitcases. i can't find anything and when i do it's like a treasure i've been hunting all my life. C is doing well. better than me or Ben. bentley and beemer are adjusting to their "summer camp" at gary and char's. even though one of them, beemer i think, bit Ginger on the nose. :( C has been sleeping well. even though she's woken up twice in the past 4 nights and before that it had been weeks! she is an angel. i have a neck ache that wont go away. it's been here since se started staying at the in-laws. i think its the memory foam bed. :( which is too bad b/c i was really thinking i would enjoy it. i guess we'll have to keep hunting for the perfect matress. i'm not sure how it'll work at moms. she keeps the girls quite a bit. it'll be nice to see them, but i know it'll be hard for C to fall asleep and take naps around them. moving makes me want to have less. far less. we just had a garage sale too, thought i was doing good by getting rid of a lot of stuff! also, my wisdom tooth is bothering me. i feel like i'm teething. my jaws hurt b/c of it i'm pretty sure. also, how come contrators DO NOT call me back. seriously?! so annoying. i need our floors scraped to get it ready for the floors to be installed and refinished. that would help us get into our house faster!!!

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