next please

i'm ready, ready, ready to be in our house. our new home. I"m not saying i'm not grateful to my grandmother, in-laws, and my own mother for putting up with our mess we leave behind, but man am i ready to start our next chapter. i feel like i'm on hold right now. on pause. in limbo. blah blah blah. i want to take a vacation but feel bad b/c mom is letting us not pay rent for a while so we can pay off some things. i don't want her to get upset or think that we are not grateful, but I WANT A FAMILY VACATION. i'm not even sure what we would do, but i think a getaway would be so nice. nice. nice. we have made some progress this past week and it's been nice to see it. it feels good. stella howls. sometimes is wakes her up. sometimes she just wakes up. she's been waking up twice at night lately and before we moved it had been almost 6 weeks of her sleeping through the night. i'm not sure if it is the move or if it would have happened anyway. one thing i've learned is she is always changing! always.

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