house for sale!

Wow, so many emotions. Ben and i decided to move back to Nicoma Park recently and sell our home. I love our home, our first beautiful awesome home. Perfect location. Great neighborhood. Amazing neighbors. When we first moved in it was like we lived in a movie. we had our great friends just 3 houses down, actually we became such great friends b/c we lived just down the street. They are now C's God parents. We had neighbors across the street with a lil girl who rode her bike up and down their driveway and the street. We carved pumpkins with them and drank hot chocolate while our husbands put the Christmas lights on the house. We had easter brunch at our next door neighbors. she may have turned out to be a bit crazy, but she made amazing food! slowly our neighbors moved, not all but the ones who made it really fun. not far away, but still not a couple of houses down or across the street. Ben told our neighbor across the street diagonally about our upcoming move and he said he was speechless. he is always the one looking out for us and others on the street. always willing to pick up your mail or take down your trash if you are out of town. so kind and generous. we are having a garage sale this friday and saturday morning, and hopefully show the house to two different people this sunday. i wonder how C and the puppies will adjust to their new home. new yard. new sounds. i wonder how i will too. i will miss our first house. i wish C would remember this place. i imagined we would be here til she was 4 or 5. i hope we sell fast, get the other house done as soon as we sell it would be nice too. i really dont want to live with anyones parents. it would be rough for C, us , and whomever let us stay with them! wish us luck!

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