where do i start???

it's been a while so let me start with the poop story. i was reading C her new book on my lap. i was sitting Indian style, or criss cross applesauce. i smelled something i thought, so to make sure i lifted her up to take a sniff of her booty. then there was poop on my nose. yep, poop on my nose and all over my jean, luckily NOT on the couch. and luckily not up my nose.

This past saturday ben took C to his parents and i took the day to spend with MFC to watch a movie, eat lunch and roam around OKC. It was so nice. We had lunch at pepperoni grill, went to Dillards to see about the fiesta ware coming in (it's on backorder :() watched A Haunting in Connecticut, and moseyed around Blue 7.

We went to ben's aunt and uncles house for Easter, we were told it started at 12. we got there just passed that and no one showed up til about 1:30! and we had to leave at 1:45 to go to our house to pick up stuff and go to my moms for Easter lunch too!

The Easter bunny didn't visit our house, but it did visit gma and gmpa Sellers! She got a tin of some cadbury eggs a lil farm house that houses farm animals that make all the appropriate animal sounds, and gmpa sellers gave C her first tractor ride! Ben said she loved it!! I saw pictures of her sitting on her grandpa's lap lapping around the yard. totally cute.

also, i'm not sure if i mentioned this, but i turned 30 at the end of march. it was awesome. ben got me an amazing present, he took the ring my mom gave me, her old wedding band, and took it to the jeweler and had my birthstone put in it. it's absolutely amazing. i love it and will cherish it always. I told C that it could be hers some day, if she's good!

also, i'm going to the doctor this week to get some blood work done. i have not had a menstral cycle since C was born and i stopped nursing a couple of months ago... please don't let me be prego! i feel like it's improbable but not impossible. cross your fingers and lets hope i'm not!

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