30 looks good from here!

Yesterday i turned 30! It was a great day. We were worried about the weather ruining our burger bar and moon bounce and it sort of did. we were told that we could receive up to 8 inches of snow friday night through saturday afternoon. my mom thought it would be a good idea to do chili instead of burgers, and i agreed. we could do chili dogs and chili pie! mmmm. so sunday rolls around and its gorgeous weather. it's in the 60's and a small breeze. The rental company for the moon bounce denies us the bounce, saying it's against state law to use one if the winds are above 15 mph. bleh. so no bounce offs. bummer. but, that didn't stop me from enjoying my family and friends! i love a full house and it was! i hope everyone had a nice time b/c i know i did. i just wish i had time to take more pictures. Luckily Jamies mom, Za, took a ton for me and already sent me the link to her album! she's fast! my mom made the chili and tons of cupcakes! the strawberry ones were the hit, but i really liked the lemon ones too. delicious. it did stink a bit b/c i got onto my dad b/c he got C out of her crib, she was awake, but nap time was not over! so i had to put her in her swing to get her back to sleep. he was pissed and told me that once i have more parenting experience blah blah blah. i just told him i know what works for us and to not mess with it! also, my brother and his family didn't come b/c they had tball practice which stunk it up too. i mean, can't they have it later in the day? after my awesome party? no, he had to have it at 2 when my party started. also, one of my best friends amber was out of town for work. overall my bday rocked. i've always looked forward to my thirties. i always thought, when i'm thirty i'll now what to do and how to do it! ha! untrue!!!

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