spring break was great

we did lots! zoo on tuesday with our friend Stella and her mom Jen. We met up with our cousins Landrie and Meredith and Aunt T but only got to say hi for a bit and then headed our different ways. We got there right around 9, when they open and thank goodness b/c Tonie said they parked at remington park! whoa. Wednesday we went to Regional Park with Stella again! It was so nice and we didn't want to be cooped up inside. We had a picnic and took a stroll but C was getting pissed and decided it was time to head home. She was super tired.

Thursday night gma and gmpa Sellers came over and babysat while we ate dinner with Ashlee and Jer at Iguana for our Bdays. I had a huge headache and not wanting to drink so no perfect margarita for me. :( but my dinner was excellent and bens was good too. Friday night we went to Alex and Rachel's for dinner and Ethan and Lily entertained us all evening. C laid down in Lily's room and we got to enjoy peach pie with ice cream. I didn't know this but Ethan is the King of forks and spoons. :)

Also, I'm turning 30 on the 29th. I'm pumped. I am having a huge cookout with a . i have 47 people coming according to the evite. Not including my gma, and the people who don't know how to reply to evites...mom. this will be the best party. i love having all my family and friends around me.

i told ben i had HIGH expectations for my bday and to make it awesome. :) my mom and i are baking cupcakes on saturday and getting the house ready for all of our guests!

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