toast and jam

is my second breakfast today. my first one was two natures valley granola bars and hot tea while i watched ben play with Cecily this morning after i got back from boot camp. today we did exercises with a weighted ball, i think they are called medicine balls. probably b/c you'll have to take some medicine after working out with them! Since C has been born i feel as though i've been falling apart. I have a numb right knee, half numb right heel, my left shoulder is tweaked and i can't get over my ears hurting and being congested. bleh. i really want to get healthy and i know boot camp will help me reach that goal. I'm keeping a book of the foods i eat it's hard to write it in there after every meal, sometimes i forget and have to think back about what i ate that day. i'm not really restricting what i eat right now since i have to have so many calories a day to keep my milk supply up. i'll focus on my food more after Cecily stops nursing as much. This weekend was great. We went to bens parents house on saturday to help clean out their closets. not just closets in their room, but the coat closet, office closet and spare room closet all stuffed full of OLD clothes. It was a battle. They want shirts to walk around the house in. They want shirts just for the barn. They want shirts just for working in. They want shirts just for work. and on. and on. WHEW! We did a great job though. Up next is tackling all their other STUFF!

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