well today is weird day for me. not really an appetite. kinda in a funk. going back to the doctor tomorrow. i can't get over my congestion and my ears have fluid in them. my shoulder is sore and my knee is numb on one side. and i can't forget the headache. plus i feel like today i'm not doing much with C. Like i used up all my sweet tricks and teachings and feel like she is bored with me. she is not a fan of tummy time, and i'm worried her head will be flat. beemer ate out of my mac and cheese bowl while i changed her and i got onto him. so i feel bad for that. he hid under her crib and couldn't get out. poor guy. and i feel like my insides aren't back where they should be yet. it's weird feeling. i need to get up and work out tomorrow but i'm trying to talk myself out of it. Oh, and i think C is going through a growth spurt so she is eating every two hours instead of every 2 and half or 3. which physically wears me out. and i am sad i missed the golden globes. well i'm sad i missed all the dresses and well dressed men. I am looking forward to the next few days though. Lunch with a friend tomorrow and another doctors visit. Thursday C has a play date and Friday my mom is coming over after work to hang out. it'll be so nice to spend time with just the 3 of us. I talked to my gma and gmpa today. that was nice. but i did not put the laundry away it sits and stares at me from my kitchen table. the mac and cheese pot is still on the stove drying up so it'll be tough to for me to clean it. the dishwasher is waiting for me to open it and let the steam escape and towel dry all the tupperware on the top rack that never dries. today is a day.

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