boot camp

I started working out again this past Wednesday. I missed Monday b/c i was feeling ill, so i missed orientation and our PT test. except for the mile run. my first day our workout was Colonel Crunch. An all abdominal workout. I can't even do one sit up. And crunches are hard for me too. So if you can't do a sit up or hardly a crunch then what muscles do you use to try these? your neck, at least that is what i did, not realizing it... but my neck meat is killing me! and the meat around my ribs is sore too, and we did our mile run thursday morning so my calves, thighs and hamstrings are all sore, even the spot behind your knees. do you even have muscles back there??? i guess so. I did my mile in 12:03 minutes. I tied an older lady for last place. ;P

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Traci Anne said...

you go girl!!! keep it up :)