things i want to try in 09

grow my own food. i would like to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sweet potatoes, peppers, peas, and maybe edible flowers! i have to do some research on flowers but i think it would be a good addition to the salad i'm going to eat from our lettuce that we grow too.

i want to raise some hens for fresh eggs. also i heard they are very lovable and are good pets! supposedly you have to have an acre in okc to have 'livestock". i say, it's better than a a dangerous pet that may bite you. or others if it got out. i do have two small dogs and they have gotten out a few times but they are not going to leave you with no flesh if they attack you. and if they did attack you it's because you probably deserved it. (tree trimmers who left my fence open!)

i want to try to pay off one or two of our debts. this way i won't be disappointed when we don't pay them ALL off.

i want to try and be less "stuff" happy. i want to be happy b/c i have a great family, friends and community. i don't want things to control my level of happiness. and i think sometimes it does. it's sad.

less TV. ouch. this one hurts. we have one in our room, i really want it gone but i like to watch the news in bed and Sunday Morning on sunday mornings! sooo we'll see about that, but less tv for sure. with cecily i don't turn it on in the day very often but i do sometimes when she naps. so that's good. but i do like to dvr my shows and watch them that way.

set some goals. i normally don't do this ever. but this year i want to set some for me and for our family and then post them so i see them everyday. things to do and things NOT to do. like succumb to all the "stuff" that makes me happy. :)


Traci Anne said...

yeah, stuff is over-rated... my goal is to save $$

Early Bird Special said...

I'm making it my mission to have the tv on less when Darcy is around. Unfortunately, I caved in when she was between 6 to 12 months, so I could start to pick up on regular life again. I still use it as a little time filler for her so I can do minor chores when she's awake.

Basically the living room TiVo is her TiVo. ;P

Call me anytime you want to get out or get together! Darcy would enjoy seeing Cecily. <3