it's been so nice

this week! C has been sleeping well at night, and been so good during the day. Not saying she doesn't get fussy, b/c she is a baby, but only fussy for reasons like wet diaper, hunger pains, tired. I'm grumpy too when i'm hungry and tired. im BORED. :)
i wonder how bored she gets with me!

My mom is watching C saturday night so we can attend amb and lu's Christmas party. we have our bootcamp party tonight and our Feliz Navidad for our family on Sunday. Last year i cooked Christmas Eve dinner at our place and bens family came over and my dad and gma and gmpa came too. it was so nice to be able to do that, but this year, well i don't even my tree up. :(

I did get my cards out yesterday though. whew! no stocking hung, no tree, no nothin. it's sad really but i'm hoping we can get a small live tree tomorrow and decorate the house some. Even thought C won't remember or know what's going on i still would feel bad if i didn't do ANYTHING. i did buy her two gifts yesterday at target. socks and a nightgown. they have little horses on them and boots with spurs and pink cowgirl hats. and the socks have a funny horse on the bottom of one pair and says cowgirl under it. super cute. i'll be the mom who buys underwear for gifts at christmas time! hahahahahahaha!

yesterday amb and i went running around some. we bought some sweet christmas sweaters for her party sat. night. mines actually a fleece hoodie. stopped by dfg to drop off a gift to our friends and then to the salon to drop off a check and blue 7. it was nice. and dinner at their house too. always good.

much love!

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