what day is it?

i say that a lot, what day is today???? and then i can't believe it's "already thursday". hehe. tomorrow ben is off work and we are planning on visiting santa! Cecy wants to tell santa she would like to sleep through the night for Christmas. Even though i'm not complaining about her sleep schedule, she is doing so good right now! knock on wood. good naps, good sleep at night. she is a precious perfect angel. this weekend we have two christmas parties, Austin's and then the salons. next weekend we have one so far for Bootcamp! i love the boot campers. we have gotten to know them over the past year or so and it's nice to make new friends. I just learned how to change my blog background, kinda like myspace. it's neat, i got the site off ambers blog. next i need to try and find the music player traci j has on her bloggy. it's sweet. i'm really hoping to start writing more, especially since we are in more of a routine.

it's nice outside, well at least from my front door it looks nice. i've not actually been out yet. :) i do plan on going to the salon today or tomorrow.

also, i miss my friends.

ps, hopefully that will guilt trip them into coming and seeing us or inviting us out or something. ;)

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Traci Anne said...

next time we are together we can play blogger together! i will show you the playlist thing.