baby, it's COLD outside

yeah, so cold. so cold that i'm not getting out of my pj's cold b/c i would get too cold in between clothes. And i think Cecy is in hibernation. She slept on my chest this morning from about 9 to 11:30, all snuggled up. I got so snuggly too, that i fell asleep and drooled on the poor girls noggin. thank goodness we wash it everyday. even though i considered not doing it today b/c of the coldness that seeps into our house. just now, beemer and bentley ran outside to chase a squirrel off and when they barked it, you could see their breath!!! Also, normally C would wake up about now, but i believe b/c it's so cold and she is so warm, that she is staying asleep. she went down for her nap about 12:30 and it's 2:38 as of right now. typically she would wake up right on the dot, or before, and scream for some food. she get grumpy when she gets hungry! okay, so i think it's time for a hot cup of tea!!!! or maybe some HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!

peace and love

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