tis the season!

I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON. LOVE. especially with a new baby girl to share it with. I would normally have our christmas tree picked out and trimmed with all the glittery lights, garland hung, christmas calender out with the little star magnet you move everyday. I love the smell of pine scented things like hand soap and old ornaments my mom has. i think she lost those in all the moves... :( but what i love the most about the holiday season is getting together with your friends, the ones you say we can't wait this long to see each other next time, the ones that live out of state and you go have a beer with at the old bar in your home town. I love the Christmas parties with finger foods and nice beer b/c it's a special party, not your regular beer with dinner. I love the people who make it worth while to drive around and look at Christmas lights. I love baking with my mom and sisters in law to pass out goodies to my neighbors, even though i normally don't ever make it across the street to drop off the chex mix and sugar cookies dusted with red and green sugar. This time of year, for me, is extra special. It shouldn't take all year to feel this way and to feel so connected to God, but this time of year we have an awesome relationship. I talk to Him more, so thankful for the year he has given me. This will be our 5th year in our home for Christmas, and our first with our precious baby girl. I want to document it so she'll be able to see it later when she is old enough to see how lazy her mom was the first year!!!! :) i never even sent out birth announcements for her! but i did order some First Christmas cards to send out, instead of putting a pic of her with her Christmas outfit on or with santa, i used her hospital pic, so it's a good combo i think, plus i couldn't get a good pic of her in her outfit!! i should be getting those in the mail soon. then i can print off my addresses and pop them in the mail. soon. ben says i've been doing a good job, but i'm not so sure. i feel lazy most days, but i do have to say my ears do hurt and hopefully my new meds will help me out.

ps i tried uploading some pics of Cecy but my images are too large... :( and i'm too lazy to resize them.

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Traci Anne said...

you must feel so blessed this year, enjoy making precious memories :)