things we do now

our routine so far is sleep, eat, play. so when baby sleeps i try to do things around the house but sometimes i just rest too. things that i do on a regular basis include...

change diapers.

i've never seen poop come out of a babies booty so many times, sometimes i think she just waits to poo when her diaper comes off. and pee too.

we got her a swing the other night, so she has been swinging! i think she really likes it. she likes to sleep in it too. it doesn't always lull her to sleep but, but i think it helps keep her asleep at night.

we went to see Sophie yesterday! she had a great time, and Sophie gave Cecily a bow! we only have two right now and only go with certain things, this one is a small white clip bow that will go with tons of things, but I think i'm going to get her some soon. Sophie is very fashion forward.

i try to entertain Cecily. I feel like the things i do are not too swell. i mean, i sing, and dance, and talk to her. All great. but does she want or need more/different stimulation? she seems okay with my choices right now, but i hope i come up with some sweet games/activities.

oh, and here are some things that i don't do much of....for now.

brush my teeth
see my friends
talk to my friends
wash my face
have "me" time - which i was really good at doing before. i think its important for me to be happy, so that everyone is happy. ha!

all in due time, i know things will get back to a new normal. a good new normal.

CECILY IS GROWING TOO, so big already.

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