the day after

my due date. no one tells you how depressing it is! you have this date in your head for 40 weeks, building and building the anticipation and when there is NO BABY on or by that date, it's sad. i've been bummed all week and i try not to be, i still feel great, i've been eating all the things i want to ONE LAST TIME. Everyone is sweet and keeps calling to "check in" with me, but all they really want to know is if the baby is here yet! i don't blame them! but i'm through with everyone asking me "is the baby here yet?" "are you in the hospital?" NO! you would have heard by now. Thanks for rubbing it in my face. :) my baby is still kicking my ass, tons of punches and kicks and really big stretches. Someone told me that right before the baby comes there is no movement, that's the baby is getting ready, getting into position! ha! we'll see. Here are a few pics of me and maybe some of the nursery....

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