the week of...

my due date. all i think about is it could happen any time. any minute. any second. all i want is my baby. all it wants is to kick me in the ribs and stretch out. i have my bag packed. i have NOT nested. the house could be cleaner. the baby's room could be more organized. bentley had to go to the vet for bad allergies, made him cough all the time. :( now we give him meds twice a day. i love to watch my belly move. it rolls around and looks like a little alien will come punching or kicking through any moment. big waves. today is the day i think/thought my baby would be born, since it will be a FULL MOON!!! who knows, i could be there tonight! my water could break TODAY! today is my friend's mothers bday. she passed away a few years ago. i would be honored to have my baby on her birthday. my shoes don't fit. what if i have to buy all new shoes??? YES! hehehe. i'm going to have to start wearing a bra to bed. bleh. beemer is stretching and now burrowing beside me, bentley is waiting for ben to get home from bootcamp. i bought a new camera yesterday. my camera BROKE BROKE BROKE. took pictures last friday of my belly, and me and ben. love them.

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meleiarw said...

Tell that baby if it doesn't come soon you are going to start charging rent for the belly space!

Can't wait to kiss that little baby head