things i should have

when i become a mom...

Lasik. I feel like searching for my glasses on my nightstand will not help me get out of bed faster to see my baby and put that baby on the boob. i'm blind. i think the baby would appreciate lasik.

mind reading. not everyone's, just the baby occasionally so i know what is wrong. Hey, mom! i got the poops, i got gas, FEED ME, i'm pissed b/c you can't see! i would not want mind reading for anyone else and i don't want it that long, just long enough to figure out what signs the babe does to let me know what is wrong, besides the middle finger.

night vision. i'm guessing turning of a night light or lamp will upset the babe. i know i would hate it, i actually do hate it when that happens and i was asleep. maybe i could just eat a lot of carrots? i heard that helps with night vision.

infinite wisdom. how the hell am i going to know what the hell to do!? i guess they say you have a motherly instinct, but it's not kicked in, yet. i think it will, and i think i will be a bombtrack mom. but, i'm still scared i won't know what to do. in any situation.

good balance. i feel like balancing will be a requirement. not just the standing on one foot and holding the baby in one hand trick, but a good life balance! i hear horror stories about friends fading away, and new moms not leaving the house forever, and i just want a good balance of family, friends, and me time. that's right, i've always made time for me, and i feel like that is one reason why i am so happy!

transporter. BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! i will want to take the babe to go see great gma and gmpa, but i'm lazy and they sorta live far away. not really far, but a good 25 30 minutes. i'm used to staying about 10 minutes away from my house at all times. i live in a small bubble, sue me. also, the rest our family lives out that way too, both grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. so it's obviously easier for one family to go see all them, then for us to come out and see us. plus, great gma and gmpa SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING. it was scary when i was a kid and it's even worse now. more so for the great gmpa, gma is still good except for when she bumped my card at moms house. don't worry, no damage. even if she totaled it, she would still be my sunshine.

and a memory...
i have lost mine, it was never good to begin with. when i got pregnant it was totally shot. this is one reason why i want to invest in a video recorder. so i can remember my childs everythings. this is one reason why i take so many pictures!

just a few small things that i think every mom should have.

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