Went to the doctor again yesterday for our regular check up. You always pee in a cup before you go back to the room. well yesterday i realized my belly is too big for me to see past it. so, i get the little cup ready, write my name on it with the sharpie, they leave little wipes for you to cleanse yourself, like the ones you use after eating ribs too! so i sit, and wait. and wait. and wait. finally i feel like it can do it and then i get the cup ready to swoop in and catch it, except for i just pee all over my hand. i can't even see where to put the cup! i get about 10 drops in the cup and immediately clean up. bleh. so, i have 4 more appointments, supposedly, until i have the baby. how will i do this 4 more times! i wish they would leave little latex gloves in there. maybe a mirror? well that's it, another pee story.

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meleiarw said...

bahaha - I love your peeing debacles they are soo funny. maybe bring a compact mirror with you to help in all your peeing needs. hehe