breastfeeding 101

Ben and i attended our breastfeeding class last night. here are some things we learned.

benefits for mom include
- weight loss! you burn a ton of calories while feeding
- bonding with the baby! you actually have hormones released to help bond. who knew?
- it's free! formula costs a ton of money!

we also learned that dad, ben, can and should hold the baby skin to skin to help promote their own bonding, just have to watch out the baby doesn't latch onto his nips!

benefits for baby include
- it's always the right temperature
- it's loaded with all the right fats and nutrients, made just for baby!
- less likely to be obese
- higher IQ
- less tummy troubles
- less sickness overall

some other things we learned...
- it's recommended to nurse within the first hour after deliver
- milk comes in 2-5 days after the baby is born!
- colostrum is liquid gold :)
- different positions include the cradle hold, cross cradle hold, sideline, and the football hold aka the clutch hold.
- fewer ear infections
- it's also important to wake the baby up the first week to basically force feed the baby. the milk is made on a supply and demand basis and if it's not demanded then your milk will dry up!

and that's about it. i'm just glad there wasn't a video.


Early Bird Special said...

I highly recommend breast feeding! It might be a little bit of a challenge at first, but don't give up, because it really is worth it for both of you. Somewhere I have a recipe for some cookies that are supposed to help boost your milk supply. I'll see if I can find it, and I'll email you the recipe! <3

meleiarw said...

haha would love for the baby to get a hold of Ben's NIPS and hang on tight hehehe