lost pictures

well, this morning i was uploading photos, and when i went to upload them onto my picasa, the application failed, and i lost all of my memories. not actual memories, but i take so many snapshots to help me remember things, i have a horrible memory. pics from moms 55th bday, the Foo Fighters, ben and i's trip up through Salina, where ben ate a bomb track mushroom and swiss burger at PigNOut, Spavinaw state park, which was an amazing find, and lake hudson. Also, i had our before pics of the exterior of the house before we had it painted. :( i'm just super sad. i love my pics i take and i'm so sad about the foo fighters too b/c they did their acoustic set on a stage that dropped down right in front of us!!! and now they are gone. :(

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meleiarw said...

I am quite sad about this - I wanna see the paint job on the kitchen and living room {and I think you even mentioned painting the hallway?}