quality control

we had to have a come to Jesus meeting with hair stylist last week. initially we thought we would just fire her. we decided that we would let the events of the meeting control her destiny. we had a hard time telling her what was our problem without her interrupting us or raising her voice. it just didn't work out. there was a pause in our conversation, and i could her eying her purse. she grabbed it, stood up and starting walking out. i immediately asked her to pack her stuff up and give me her key.

it was really hard, and scary, but the only thing we wanted to do was hold her accountable for her actions, and she refused. no sorry, no i was having a bad day. just a poor attitude. and a walk out.

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meleiarw said...

What a bĂȘte!

{I was taught that meant BEAST in French} - sounds like a suitable description for her to ME