so, i decided to change things up a bit, my bff amb, started a blog, and it got me thinking about this place. i'm going to really try to do more on here, i think it's fun and i only have one reader who really appreciates my words and thoughts. :)

today i'm having a good day, except for it's not as good as past days. i feel gloomy a bit and i'm not sure why. just one of those days i suppose. i want to complain and be whiny and bitch. i want to be home and watch the rain fall down over the earth and cleanse it's surface, nourish the foliage and flowers. rain makes me happy, thunderstorms do the same. we went to the dr. on tuesday to do my diabetes test. i drank the funny orange drink. not so bad. i did regular yearly exam too. just want to get it out of the way. AND i've gained 20 pounds since i found out i'm pregnant. i watched the scale go to 153 and was in a bit of disbelief. not that i care how much i weigh, but i just sounds like a lot to me. But, i still look pretty cute. :) I feel really cute to be honest. that's it.

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meleiarw said...

AHEM - I bet I know who that one reader is!

I think you should be more involved with your blog too, maybe you can start posting things that you find that you like for your baby and then after the baby is born you can fill everyone in on what your daily process is like so us (aka me) non-parents will know what its like and we can live vicariously through you.