please don't stop the music!

wow, i just finished watching American idol gives back. i actually dvred it b/c i couldn't watch it last night. i know i'm emotional right now, but sheesh! music has always set something off in me, and along with that and the footage from around the world, with the kids, parents and their whole communities, i'm a big mascaraed faced girl. i always say i want to donate more. be it time or money, but as i live my daily life i forget. i feel too busy. i used to tithe and i haven't even been doing that lately. i'm definitely going to give back tonight. not only do i want to give money, but i really want to find something someone to donate some time to. too. :)

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meleiarw said...

So there is a really cool organization based in OKC, that I think you should research. If you are thinking of volunteering I think this would be an amazing one
to keep in mind

Its called World Neighbors http://www.wn.org/
seriously, √ it OUT for sure