to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question. actually for me, i'm leaning towards not. the more i learn about them the crazier it seems.

i just handed this to one of our stylists, her son is 9 months old and i want her to know what is in the vaccines her son has gotten so far. when we started talking about it she said she didn't even know which ones he's had. i bet most parents don't, they probably don't ask. doctor/nurses just start injecting. like the parents have no choice! and i just looked up some info for the HPV shot for girls???? it's all confusing, i'm not sure what site to believe, there's always two sides, and now i just read that Beta Mannan is a cure for HPV, it is an extract from aloe vera. how do i found out if that is true or not!?

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meleiarw said...

SO SCARY!!! I saw Jenny McCarthy go off on somebody on TV the other day, because she thinks that the vaccines caused her sons autism. frightening stuff!