i planted strawberries a couple of weeks ago. i have two berries that are turning bright red! almost time for me to pick and gobble them up! i'm also working on my back garden too, which i have not done anything to since we moved in almost 5 years ago! we are transplanting all the pebbles to the side of the house and i've already moved my hostas back there too! they are enjoying their new home in the shade! next i will transplant our pretty grass from the front to the back for the border. all it does in the front is collect the falling leaves and drive me insane! it's some sort of fountain grass, it grows little shoots and they turn purple. ??? anyways, i told ben we need a wheel barrow for the pebbles, and he suggested using the blue recycle bin. well, that got too heavy fast! and now it's just sitting there waiting for bens muscles to move it! we did get the grass mowed last night, i say we, i mean ben. he mowed and i watched!

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meleiarw said...

Well I am sure that blue bin will get moved asap because Ben's muscle's are the 8th wonder of the world. ;)