i've never even heard mfc say smarmy.  she says she's uses it all the time?  i hear slag more than smarmy.  and i hear VVVVVV.  which isn't really a word but more of a sound while you raise your palm up and bring your wrist up making a backwards peace sign and press your lips together and smash your lips together and make that funny sound.  
so we did go to the Spice girls concert, it was amazing. So much fun and so many youngsters drinking beer.  

they were seriously in junior high.  they were at the awkward  age, too skinny, messy hair, moved funny.  now i know some of you where not skinny, still had some baby fat, but when i was their age people called me Ethiopian girl, and they left signs in my yard saying "_____ is so flat chested you can play Jenga off her chest!"  

oh dear, i went off the subject.  well, since MFC is blogging now maybe i'll start blogging to keep up with her!  


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meleiarw said...

Um, you beast... I never said I say SMARMY all the time, I said I enjoy using the word... and I think your last entry was a little on the smarmy side! so suck it