got knocked up!

well, it's official, Ben's junk works and so does mine! i took the home test when i was one day late. I took several of these. Went to the doctor about a week ago. I'm 9 weeks due Oct. 18th. My boobs hurt, i'm headachey, a bit of motion sickness, no morning sickness, and I'm tired. And some other things are happening too, i feel like i'm hairier. my poop is weird. i cry more often.

i actually got off the pill last april, and thought we would have a baby a lot sooner. but the timing is great, the 18 is actually our 6 year anniversary! ha! and why does everyone keep asking if i'm excited? of course i am! and so is ben. i just think it's funny. peace.


meleiarw said...

Oh you slutty slutty girl hahaha
I can't wait for this baby to be bornm I am soooo happy for you and Ben! I have been looking at all kinds of baby thing online EVER since I spied the good news. People have been asking {and by people I mean our grandparents} when I'm going to be in Oklahoma next and I didn't really know because ususally I have a wedding to go to or something. But now I will def. be back for your SHOWER. Ahh sweet cousinly love!

adwsellers said...

dear MFC. thanks so much for showing some love on your smarmy revolution! and yes you will be definitely be attending the shower, whenever it is!