Oklahoma State Fair!

It's State Fair time! We went last night for dinner. First things first, fried American cheese on a stick. Next up, this years new craze, fried mac&cheese and fried garlic mashed potatos on a stick with an herbed sour cream for dipping. Ben had to have an Italian sausage with onions and peppers, of course i had to help him eat it, and lastly, i've never had the cinnamon rolls at the state fair simply b/c the line is always too long. well, last night it was not long and we decided to get the roll with pecans on top. Amber and Luke shared that with us! it was delicous. We'll be going back sunday for Dan's Indian Tacos and to walk through all the expos. It's the Oklahoma Centinninal this year, and I'm looking forward to see what they came up with for that expo. We did make it throught the Centennial Store, I almost bought a 55.00 Santa Clause Centennial Ornament! Ben said no. I bought a patch, a sticker for my car, and a childs plate/bowl set with a fork and spoon! I love it! I'm and Okie. I'm proud of that.

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