holy moly

sheesh. we got a new ride, well ben did. a 57 lincoln premier. sedan. titty pink with a glossy black top with silver flakes... it's the bomb. well it would be if it would raise up on it's air bags and drive off. it's been sitting at my moms since we got it. on the ground. i told ben before he bought the car that he'll have to be the one to fix it too, that he would have to "own" it. i think part of owning a classic car is being able to work on it yourself. this is supposed to be his daily driver, we "sold" the truck to his dad, but it still drives ben to and from work and takes up space in our drive way. grrr. we have our maxima that sits in the street that he could drive to work.... it's sold too, but it's waiting to be driven back to las vegas by it's new owner. also, new is our countertops! woot, finally the original side of the kitchen has a new top! now ben is working on getting the sink in. the hold up now is flipping the outlet so the dishwasher and garbage disposal can be plugged in at the same time. ugh. i can't wait for it to be ready!!!!!!

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