Labor Day

What a lovely weekend it's been so far. Ben is off work again today and it's so nice to have him here. Especially to help deal with C who does not act right after staying up past her bedtime.

Saturday evening we went to a friends house to have dinner and watch the opening game for OSU. The kids played outside on the 5 (FIVE!) different swing sets. Looked at the hens and rooster, chased the guineas and played in the sand. So much fun. Play time started out a bit rough when the two toddlers wanted the same swing. Luckily Dustin came to the rescue adding another identical swing to the set! lots less tears after that. What a wonderful evening chatting with two of my close girlfriends and letting our kids run and crawl around together. AND watching OSU dominate. :)

Last week Cecily suffered a double ear infection and a busted ear drum. actually about two weeks ago. she finished her antibiotics and now she is really congested/snotty and starting coughing yesterday. I think it's allergies but i don't know. my friend who is a nurse said you can have a cold and not have a temp, so i may call the dr today. but i'm letting c sleep in, it's almost 8 and she's still in bed. she was just coughing for about an hour but i think it wore her out. :(

Today we could go to our friends house for lunch and a swim or to my brothers for a roast, but i really think C has had a big weekend already. We went to another friends last night for burgers and dogs and she had fun driving the jeep and chasing the big kids around. I don't want her to over do it.

also, i still have not found my camera and i'm getting pissed i am going to have to purchase another camera at some point. i just bought this last one right before C was born. BUT i did sorta hate it. so maybe i should be happy about that. :/

one last thing, i'm sad to see Oprah's show go off air, i wish it were dr. oz.

that is all.

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Amanda said...

Yes, you do need a new camera! I love pictures of C! I have a Canon Elph point and shoot that is amazing. I wish we had some amazing plans for today but we do not. I think I'll make a pork roast! And yes, Dr. Oz should go off, not Oprah!