year end review.

I turned 30 this year. I always thought when i turned 30 some really profound shit would happen, like know what i'm supposed to do with my life. feel smarter. get stuff accomplished in a timely manner. be better organized. you know, feel like i've accomplished SOMETHING. every year i feel like i have not done a thing. In reality i'm really living my life. day to day things is what we do. it's what we all do. This next year i'm going to explore the possibility of returning to school and FINISHING with a degree. I'm going to focus on volunteering with a group and hopefully help some families along the way. I have a business idea that i've been tooling around in my brain for about a year, and now i think we are ready to act on it. OKC will be pleased with me. :) Things i got to do this year.
Watch my baby go from a tiny baby who didn't know how to roll over to a busy bee girl who loves to climb things. holy moly.
we packed our home into boxes and moved into my mothers for the summer. we sold our home in june and moved into our house in october. helped with the finishing touches on the house we moved into.
I welcomed Sebastian into the world when he was born.
Welcomed home Ike when amber and luke brought him home.
Welcomed Josie too. I love LOVE seeing my friends being moms. it's so neat.
I went skiing for the first time with MFC. great road trip to santa fe and taos!
We are slowly getting out of debt. That is a big accomplishment.
i found a lost dog then found his owner. found a stray dog and found a shelter for her.
A beautiful backyard wedding, even when the food table collapsed b/c of ALL the rain we had. They had the all time best wedding cake. Ever.
Picked blackberries and suffered the consequences for MONTHS on end. Chiggers are the devil. I have scars to prove it.
I got to plan Cecily's 1st birthday party and i had a ball doing it. It was a lot of fun. Next time i'll allow MFC to make a cake with sugar. ;)
I made my first two quilts! pieced the first one and had someone quilt it for me, and then the second i did it ALL by myself. I basically learned from watching videos on youtube. ha!
I got to watch my brother kyle walk across the stage at SNU. What a great moment.
Zoo occasionally.
birthday parties galore.
baby showers, wedding showers.
cooking more!
if you have any sweet memories of me from this year let me know!


Jen Oaks said...

you have a blog?!!

i like this post and i like you. xoxo

meleiarw said...

I love coming over to your house {old and new} and just hanging out with you and C. And I especially love being able to watch C grow grow grow.