love is in the air!

today is a good day! C slept until almost 9. She just woke up and played in her crib by herself. I got up and washed my face and put my contacts in got her up and started our day. she had a sweet nap this morning, i had to actually wake her up! she is so smiley when she wakes up i love it! we were all ready to meet ben, his dad and his dads friend for lunch but last minute we didn't go b/c they changed locations on us, so ben came home and gary met his friend without us. So we were all dressed up with no place to go! UNTIL we went to pick up our JUMPEROO! woot! i found it on craigslist and picked it up! kinda scary to go to someones house you don't know. but she was super nice, just like me! stay at home mom with 2 babies. she still had on her pj's! i don't feel so bad now!

last week matt took dad, me, and kyle to the thunder game! his boss gave him 4 tickets and they were great seats! i'm not sure if i'll ever enjoy a game there now unless they are sweet seats. :) we had a great time, the game was fun and we won!

i bought two books yesterday. btw, yesterday was a bad day. mom came and watched her in the evening, thank God, and ben and i went to dinner and to the grocery store! grocery story minus baby = awesome.

Valentines day is saturday, i think ben and i will stay in??? mom offered to watch her.... mabye just a movie??? no dinner???? we'll see. last year we just found out i was pregnant! this year i'll have a cocktail!

and tonight i'm going to Zumba! traci invited me and i'm pumped! can't wait to shake my thang!

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Traci Anne said...

yay for zumba! i'm going again this thursday! (even though i suck!!)