i'd really like it if C would just lay down and fall asleep. please. please, please. that would be way bomb. also, any suggestions on new activities i can do with her??? She is tired of playing with her jungle gym friends, i feel like she needs new games or something. she's bored, er, maybe i'm bored! yeah that's it. crap. am i not supposed to admit that????? well, i need ideas. things we do now.

jungle gym on her back

tummy time

bumbo time with a book or stuffed animal

read books

walk around the house

watch the dogs

boucy chair

make silly faces at each other

i sing and dance around for her some

airplane on my shins


Amber and Luke said...

Take a walk?

Aislinn and Dustin said...

hahaha you're so funny...

I got soooo bored too...now Afton does a lot more stuff so not so bored. When Afton was little it was super hot outside so we went for walks at the mall...so lame but it's all we could do. Now we go to the mall b/c it's negative degrees outside. Went to the library yesterday but he kept shrieking (it's his new thing for attention) and everyone kept looking at me...

So I'm not much help I guess...it'll be better when it warms up and you can go outside!!!