My good friend Nicole had her baby this morning! I think at exactly 5:24am. I got a phone call yesterday morning saying she was going home to get her bag and then back to the hospital to be induced. It made my whole day, i was in the best mood. I left work and went to the mall to grab her some nursing pj's, and then home to start some laundry for bens trip, and then finally off to the hospital! we waited, watched tv, sat in the dark, but mainly we talked and waited on the next time the nurse or dr. would come in and tell us what will happen next. the funniest part of the night, for me, was when nicole got up to go to the ladies room, and the doc came in to meet her for the first time. He walks in, sees me sitting on the birthing ball, and comes to introduce himself. He thought i was his patient! I was dressed as a normal person! No gown! No IV. It was hilarious. we laughed so hard for so long about that. I know my belly is big, but i don't think i look like i'm ready to go just yet! After they give nicole her epidural they break her water, and by that time i need to go home to get some rest and b/c i have to take ben to the airport by 5am! so tired.

today i was late for work. i hate that. went to the hospital. came home b/c mom and amber helped me get the office more organized, and the hall closet, and the nook in the hallway. it's way bomb. just need to do a few things tomorrow and i think i'll be set.

that's it.

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meleiarw said...

and I think you and Nicole and whoever else is with child should get this -because it sounds P-I-M-P okay pimp is probably not appropriate language when referencing anything to do with a baby but you know what I mean