whats been happening

so these are some of the funny thing that have happened to me lately.

Beemer rolled off the end of the bed while he was sleeping. he was so sleepy he didn't realize where he was when i picked him up and put him back to bed.

ben got scared one morning b/c there was a cat in our flower basket right outside the front door. he was leaving for bootcamp and when he opened the door to leave the cat made a funny growly noise and was eye level with him and then took off into the rain.

amber cleaning up spilled diet coke and killing a bug with my sweater that i lent her.

the people in sean cummings asking us if it's okay to sit down, like we are the hosts. while we all have food and beers on our table.

ambers house that she is selling for a friend. the friend hired a stager to stage the house. it's horrible. she hung a denim bedazzled jacket with an airbrushing of NYC skyline on the back of it in a closet, along with shopping bags stuffed with tissue paper. a room with boots and cowboy hats, ropes and a branding iron. folding chairs and a side table in the living room.

that's it.

oh, one more funny thing...
at the hospital last week, while i was visiting Nicole. Nicole got out of bed to go to the ladies room, and in walks the doctor. I'm sitting on the birthing ball, it really just one of those exercise balls. He walks right up to me and introduces himself and starts talking about the labor and delivery, and we start laughing hysterically. here i am, in a skirt, tank top, and flip flops and he thinks I'm the patient! ha! it was awesome.

and another funny thing....

last night at dinner, at sean cummings, we all ordered wings. i love wings. they came, i put my napkin in my lap and proceeded to grab a big steroid wing. i eat them with my fingers, no utensils for me. I was getting ready to rip the meat off and WHOOSH it wing flew onto my belly bump and landed in my lap on my napkin! i ate it. it landed on my napkin so it was safe.


meleiarw said...
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meleiarw said...

Did Mischa the beast ever scream when you were in town in Feb. Those cats can make weird scary noises! hehe

And I cracked up when I read the bit about Amber and your sweater!

Amber and Luke said...

So Funny!!!