the wierdness

so it has happened. i do weird things anyways, but now, being prego it's a definite increase. today i just feel strange. maybe it's b/c i was up late dancing to N.E.R.D, Rhianna, and Kanye. first off, I'm glad i only paid 20 bones for this concert. I was not really that impressed. and i think one reason why is b/c it was not SOLD OUT! I really thought those names would bring OKC to it's feet and jam! but no. it was a sad showing. i think it's partially Ford Centers fault for poor advertisement, and then again for the promoters. If you don't listen to WILD or the other jammy jam station in the city you may have never heard they were coming to town! I think this concert, well kanye's part, would be better on HBO. the video screens they had on either side of the stage, the shots were AMAZING. it looked bomb, but from section 206 it was cool, but not at all glowing in the dark like it claimed to be. it was more out of this world, b/c he talked to a spaceship named Jane. the drum off during N.E.R.D's performance was sweet. the drummers during Kanye's performance was bomb, but you couldn't really see them, b/c kanye was the ONLY one on stage for 2 hours, or however long he performed. my fave would be flashy lights, it was really cool. i just hated the whole spaceship thing. and it's called the glow in the dark tour, NOTHING WAS GLOWING besides some sweet dancers gloves and swords during Rhianna's song.

glad i only paid 20 bucks, seriously.

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meleiarw said...

I can't believe there wasn't all the much that was glow in the dark... I figured it would be blowing up with GLOW IN THE DARK